Sustainable International Development

The Mary A. Tidlund Charitable Foundation is a charitable organization that designs and funds sustainable development projects around the world. Established as a Canadian public foundation, it began operating on October 14, 1998. Through the generosity of our friends and supporters, we fund, operate and participate in a wide range of projects and offer the same opportunities to our donors and volunteers.
Many of our program ideas originate with individuals in Canada who wish to make a difference in the lives of people around the world. The goal of all of our projects is to promote leadership, self-confidence and self-esteem through the alleviation of poverty and the promotion of health and education focusing on women and children.

We build strategic, on-the-ground, value-based relationships

Our goal is to transform lives globally by building strategic, value-based partnerships in support of sustainable projects. We are a grassroots organization with an inside out approach to understanding international development and a unique ability to provide our donors and volunteers with meaningful opportunities to impact the world.
Our inside out approach focuses on individuals and communities with our values that guide us through our work. As we build individuals up from within themselves they then take actions that support their communities and environment around themselves.
Every project is carefully and thoughtfully considered from the perspective of our three core values defined as:

We are committed to promoting knowledge and exchange of development practice in order to empower and strengthen quality of life for the individuals and communities we serve while also enriching the lives of our donors and volunteers.

We approach all of our projects with a sense of mutual respect and an appreciation that by being open to learning from each other we do more good for more people.

We design our programs with a thorough understanding of what works in each community. Our goal is to help communities run their own programs without our direct support.