Elimu Foundation – Mombasa – Majengo School

Timeframe: 2005 – 2007

The Mary A. Tidlund Charitable Foundation has partnered with the Elimu Foundation, and their trustee/vice chairwoman Shakila Mamujee, in the reconstruction and renovation of a school in Majengo, Kenya working to provide classrooms, desks, a resource center/library, staff room, toilets, and administration offices.

Elimu considered this school in dire need of rehabilitation in order that an improved school will uplift poverty levels within the community as a whole. The Community around the school is prevalent with drug abusers and unemployment, leading to a lack of interest and overall responsibility ion the education of the children. The community has a very low level of education, if any, and as a result of this the children are not encouraged to learn further. The lack of decent facilities means the teachers lack motivation and this is further exasperated by the fact that, with falling trends, the school no longer attracts bright students.

In the last school Elimu renovated, they have seen a large change in the discipline and motivation of both teachers and students as it has now become a school of choice.

The improved school will also vitalize the community facilities by utilizing the school facilities in the evenings for community education and good parenting classes. By bringing the parental community into the school, the performance of the students can be improved immensely.

The Mary A. Tidlund Charitable Foundation has contributed $25,000 towards this renovation which was completed in May of 2007.


The first phase of our involvement with Majengo Primary School consisted of building:

  • 8 Classrooms with desks
  • Resource centre
  • Library staff room
  • Toilets for the entire school
  • Administration offices
  • Water supply

This was successfully completed in 2007. We are heartened to observe the positive impact the improved school has made on its community and are eager to continue our work at Majengo.

We now plan to continue the project by assisting in the raising funds for the building of two new classrooms for a Nursery of, for 60 children, and to rehabilitate the Store and provide a Canteen.