DESEA reduces maternal, infant, child mortality

DESEA Peru from Patrice Marier on Vimeo.

Timeframe: 2011 to 2015

Goals & Impact

The people of the Andean Mountains near Cusco, Peru suffer from gastrointestinal, parasitic and diarrhea-related diseases. There are also high rates of maternal, infant and under-five mortality in the area. DESEA Peru provides comprehensive community health solutions to rural communities near the the Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru. Their three pronged approach of Clean Water, Community Health Workers and Community Health Programs has had a significant impact on the overall wellness of people in these communities.

DESEA continues to expand their impact into new communities with a focus on the installation of water filtration systems, anemia testing and follow up, dental camps and sexual health programming plus their successful Community Health Worker program.
Overall, more than 2000 people have been impacted by the committed work of Sandy, Sandra, the DESEA staff and the Community Health Workers (CHW). DESEA continues to grow it’s partnerships with local NGO’s and the government to further their work and capacity building in the area.

Highlights & Detail

DESEA’s emphasis on education and training of local health care workers combined with culturally-appropriate solutions has improved health outcomes, especially in maternal and child health. Increased awareness of water filtration and hygiene/sanitation education for households and schools has had an immediate impact on the health of children and their families.

In 2012, a team of volunteers participated in a two week medical campaign for more than 200 community members, providing pap tests and addressing acute health concerns. In total forty women were treated.


From October 18 to November 1st, 2013 a group of 4 volunteers with the MATCF partnered with DESEA volunteers and staff to complete a 2 weeks medical campain. The team saw a total of 210 patients in 6 remote Andean communities.