Strengthening Community-led Development and Food Security

Timeframe: 2010 to 2015

Ecuador – Chimborazo & Cotopaxi
Our work with Groundswell International and Ekorural in Ecuador

Goals & Impact

We’ve been helping to improve food production in the highlands of Ecuador since December, 2010. We believe stronger, community-managed agriculture is the key here. Better seed systems and water management will give families higher-quality crops. And market linkages between family farmers and urban consumers need to be enhanced to build a healthier local food economy.

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Highlights & Details

In rural communities, families are generating new income as a result of improved agricultural practices and strengthened linkages between the farms and the urban markets. To reduce risk through diversification, we’re experimenting to determine the high altitude potential of various new seed and crop types. With better business in mind, we’re promoting self-sustainability through revolving credit mechanisms and start-up funding. And, finally, we’re conducting research to understand the impact of culture, including gender roles, on the success of agriculture here. Most of the farm work is carried out by women.